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Health Care Assistant

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What is a Health Care Assistant?

In British Columbia the term Health Care Assistant (HCA) is used to describe a variety of workers including, but not limited to, the following titles: Community Health Worker, Care Aide, Long-Term Care Attendant, Nurse’s Aide, Assisted Living Worker, Home Support Worker and Personal Support Worker.

These frontline care providers are an integral and valued part of a multi-disciplinary team that work in a variety of practice settings including home support, assisted living, long-term care, special care units, acute care and other home and community settings.

While the educational requirements are the same, the work environments are very different. A Care Aide works in a team environment or acute facility and a Community Health Worker works independently, travelling to client’s homes. The demographic cared for are generally medically fragile, cognitively complex, and diverse in age.

Typical Responsibilities of a Care Aide or Community Health Worker may include:

  • Personal care and activities of daily living including; bathing, taking temperature, personal grooming, skin care, medication reminders, pulse and respiration, and oral hygiene
  • Non-sterile dressing applications
  • Mobility and transfer assistance with related lifts
  • Observing and reporting changes in client behaviour and condition

Applying for Health
Care Assistant positions at Interior Health

Become a Community
Health Worker at Interior Health

Become a dual credit HCA high school student

Quick Facts

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Did you know that Interior Health has 19,000+ employees, 20% which are Health Care Assistants?


Becoming a volunteer is a great first step to gain exposure to the health care industry and to explore potential career opportunities.
Visit the following link Volunteers @IH for additional information on opportunities in your area.


Are you interested in enrolling in the Health Care Assistant program in BC?
Click here for an updated list of the educational institutions offering the program in BC.

High school
Dual Credit

High school students! Did you know that you might be eligible to participate in a school-funded HCA dual credit training program? You can earn dual credits that count towards your high school diploma and your HCA certificate at the same time! For more info, follow these steps:

  1. E-mail to let us know that you’re interested.
  2. Talk to your school counsellor to learn about HCA Dual Credit program opportunities at your school
  3. Check out the Interior Health HCA postings to see what kinds of opportunities are waiting for you after graduation

See what some of the HCA dual credit students have to say about the program here:

The HCA Dual Credit program is an awesome way to jumpstart your healthcare career right out of high school. E-mail us today to get started.

More Info

Please email us at:
A member of our Recruitment team will be happy to assist you.

Why Should I choose This Career AT Interior Health?

  • Work/Life Balance
    Do you have other commitments? Care Aide and Community Health Worker positions often have flexible working hours. Accept a casual position and choose when you want to work or accept a permanent line that fits best with your lifestyle.

  • Pay
    Wages starting from $23.27 - $25.83 / hr
    *wages effective April 2021

  • Benefits
    Depending on the collective agreement and employee status, the following health benefits may be available.

  • Education
    All employees at IH have access to online resources from most IH facilities from e-learning modules to e-library research. In addition to Internet and Intranet sites, most of our locations are supported by Professional Practice Leaders or Clinical Resource personnel.

  • High in Demand
    IH is a leading employer in the interior of BC. Care Aides and Community Health Workers are in high demand with our aging population and model of health care delivery.

  • Rural and Urban
    Our geographical location offers the choice of an active urban lifestyle or a quiet rural setting.

Meet Susan Brown

Susan Brown, CEO

Community Health Workers provide the front line support that is crucial for our clients to remain independent and active in their homes and in their communities. To meet the needs of an increasingly aging and complex population, these employees are committed to ensuring Interior Health can deliver a high standard of patient centered care by ensuring Every Person Matters.

Meet Stacey Thin

Stacey Thin, Manager

- Talarico Place (Castlegar, BC)

Care Aides are critical to the happiness and wellbeing of all who live in long-term care. Their smile and gentle touch is the first vision a person in care has on waking and before they close their eyes for sleep. They hold the individual's entire day and night in their hands. Helping them up in the morning, throughout the day and night with life’s essential and most basic needs; comfort, eating, dressing, bathing, which most of us take for granted as we can meet these needs on our own. Their efforts and hard work often go unacknowledged although not unappreciated. I am thankful to have this opportunity to tell them all how much their work means to others and how meaningful it is and how appreciative we are to have them caring for our mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters.

Meet Joanna Evison

Joanna Evison, Site Manager

- Golden and District Hospital (Golden, BC)

I have the most tremendous respect for the care aides and the work they do each and every day. They are entrusted with the care of our most vulnerable and deliver that care with dedication and compassion, giving a voice to those that can’t necessarily speak up for themselves! Thank you to you all!

Meet Jon Clare

Jon Clare, Home Health Manager

- Corporate Office (Kelowna, BC)

A career as a Health Care Assistant is a rewarding path, allowing you to make a difference in people’s lives every day. When you pursue a career with IH, you join one of the biggest employers within the Okanagan region.

Meet Cindy Kozak-Campbell

Cindy Kozak-Campbell, Executive Director, Long-Term Care Services

Care aides are key members of our team in long term care- beyond the personal care they provide to individuals, the relationships they develop bring joy, comfort and meaning to each person’s day.

Meet fawna-maloney

Fawna Maloney, Interior Health Community Health Worker

To advocate and be the voice of someone in need gives me a reason to be here.

Meet vandean-dawn

Dawn Vandean, Interior Health Community Health Worker

Absolutely LOVE the residents. Their stories of life and their humour! So rewarding to work with them and make their final years happy and comfortable.

Meet tulari-corie

Corie Tulari, Interior Health Community Health Worker

Love when I feel I have done my best to make my residents smile, and feel safe

FAQ – Questions and Answers

Where can I register with the BC Care Aide & Community Health Worker Registry? I am an internationally educated health care professional, how can I become registered? I am a nursing student in Canada and would like to work as a Health Care Assistant while I continue my education. How can I become registered? What does a complete application look like at IH?

As an applicant to a Care Aide or Community Health Worker position, we require that you meet specific qualifications before we may consider you for a position. We generally receive a high number of applications for these positions, so in order to set your application apart from the rest, a GREAT application will include:

  • A cover letter and CV (or resume)
  • A copy of your Health Care Assistant certificate
  • Your current registration number with the BC Care Aide Registry (please contact them ahead of time at 1-877-867-3061 to ensure that your information is up to date on the online registry as it will delay the application process if we are unable to locate you)
  • For Community Health Worker positions only: a valid British Columbia driver’s license and reliable vehicle is required as you will be traveling to client’s homes. If you have a valid driver’s license and vehicle, please make sure you indicate this on your application.
I have completed the HCA program outside of BC or Canada?

You may be eligible to work as a HCA. Please check with for eligibility.

How can I find out about new job postings?

Sign up for Job Alerts and stay connected by following us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

What is a casual position? What does it actually mean?

Many of our opportunities are casual in nature. Casual means there are no guaranteed hours and work requirements can vary from zero to 40 hours per week, depending on your collective agreement. Casual employment includes: short-notice, on-call availability; workload coverage during a temporary absence; and/or providing relief coverage in a specific position. Once hired into a casual role, employees are eligible to apply for internal postings including permanent part time or full time positions. There are many opportunities with IH that begin with casual on-call positions and lead to regular employment.

Are there ways I can increase my hours if I accept a casual position?

Yes! The more available you are, the more hours you’re likely to get. Health care is offered 24/7 so we have many shifts to offer. If you have just accepted a position, you can expect evening, weekend and night shifts. It is exciting to be able to try all different shifts and gain experience in different areas. As you begin to accrue your hours, you will be able to increase your seniority and bid on a position that fits best with your lifestyle.

Are casuals required to work a minimum number of hours in a year?

Yes. The Community Bargaining Association and Facilities Bargaining Associations have negotiated language into their collective agreements whereby the employer may require a minimum number of hours to be worked by casual employees in order to maintain their employment. The minimum required hours are 225 per year which is equivalent to working 6 weeks with full time hours. Please speak to your manager on the specific process related to your bargaining unit.

What type of career growth does IH offer?

We recognize that career planning, such as support and growth opportunities, are important considerations when choosing an employer. Our hope is that once you join our team, you will find room to grow in whatever path you seek. We encourage our employees to develop professionally – whether it is through continued education, learning from team members and/or patients, or taking your career in an entirely new direction.

Where can I get more information on a Health Care Assistant career with IH?

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