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Position Summary

Royal Inland Hospital has a Registered Nurse Employee Education Opportunity for the BCIT Perinatal Nursing Specialty Program. This position commences January 3, 2023

This Education Opportunity is offered as outlined below:

Pre-requisite Required Courses (Must be Completed Prior Commencement of Education Opportunity):
• NSPN 7100: Perinatal Nursing Theory 1 – Healthy Childbearing Experiences & the Newborn
• NSPN 7250 or equivalent i-Learn 644: Fetal Health Surveillance
• NSPN 7200: Perinatal Nursing Theory 2 – Childbearing Women
• NSPN 7450 or equivalent i-Learn 643: Neonatal Resuscitation

*Sponsored Required Courses (Completed during education opportunity):
• **NSPN 7150: The Breastfeeding Experience
• NSPN 7300: Perinatal Clinical 1 (125 hours)
• NSPN 7500: Perinatal Clinical 2 (125 hours)

Specialty education reimburses wages based on the maximum hours outlined above NSPN 7300 and NSPN 7500.
Prior to the practicum, students must provide proof of certification in the Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) and the Fetal Health Surveillance course (FHS).These courses will be completed through I-learn as opposed to registering for these courses with any other education institution.

Specialty Education funding is provided for courses which are required for employees to be considered work ready (i.e. to enter the specialty clinical area/fill a vacancy). The core courses required to be considered work ready are determined by education institutions and the work sites (not PPO). After completion of the core courses, you will not receive a certificate in your specialty area. Additional electives to complete the certificate will be at the learners’ own cost.

As per the NBA Article 35.03, upon successful completion of the education program, an employee must return to, or post into a regular position in the area of nursing applicable to the education (Perinatal) for a minimum of 18 months. If no regular position is available, the employer will create a regular relief line equivalent to the employee's original FTE. For casual employees, FTE will be determined on number of hours in previous year or 0.5 FTE whichever is greater. Employee will work in a relief line until the employee can secure regular employment.

*Sponsored required courses to be completed concurrently/consecutively in the same semester
**If required


Education, Training and Experience:
• Graduation from an approved School of Nursing with current practicing registration with the British Columbia College of Nursing Professionals (BCCNP).

Skills and Abilities:
• Assessment and Intervention – Demonstrated ability to complete initial and ongoing client assessments (clinical and diagnostic reasoning) and provide nursing care through appropriate/ prescribed technical, therapeutic, safety type interventions.
• Communication – Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with the clients, families, the public, medical staff and the members of the interdisciplinary team using verbal, written and computer communication means.
• Critical Thinking – Demonstrated ability to integrate and evaluate pertinent data (from multiple sources) to problem-solve effectively.
• Human Caring and Relationship Centered Practice – Ability to promote client-focused care that demonstrates care for and with clients and significant others, sensitive to diverse cultures and preferences, client advocacy and social justice concerns.
• Teaching – Ability to transmit information intended to instruct clients and others about topics essential to health care and well-being.
• Management – Manages time and resources, implementing activities to promote cooperation among relevant others, collaboration across disciplines and related activities.
• Leadership – Promotes staff morale, cooperation, assertiveness and risk-taking, creative planning for change and innovations, implementation of IH policies or other protocols, and ongoing professional development of self.
• Knowledge Integration – Using factual information, prior learning and basic principles and procedures to support decisions and actions with relevant research-based evidence. Integrates best practice from nursing and health-related disciplines and the humanities, arts and sciences disciplines into professional practice.
• Ability to operate related equipment including relevant computer applications.
• Physical ability to perform the duties of the position.


This posting is covered by the Provincial Health Officer’s mandatory COVID-19 vaccination orders and selected applicant(s) must comply.

Interior Health now offers assistance from an Aboriginal Employment Advisor. If you self-identify as Aboriginal (First Nations, Métis or Inuit) and if you would like assistance with internal career exploration, send your question via email to to be redirected to the Employment Advisor. We invite applicants to self-identify as First nations, Métis, or Inuit within cover letters and/or resumes.

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$36.23 - $47.58

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